Share Denise's NEW BOOK on Social Media
Share Denise's NEW BOOK on Social Media
Welcome, I'm Denise King.
Everyone needs someone who inspires, motivates, encourages, or even pushes them out of their comfort zone to get to their next level of greatness. It may not always feel good or sound good, but it is for your good. Your next success, next accomplishment, or next realized dream or goal is waiting for you. And that's where I come in!
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What's New...
Great news! Denise just finished her new book - I Remember…When God Showed Up: A Journey of Faith, which is written with you in mind. It is an effort to get more people to purposely remember God in everything, for everything, and in every way – to remember WHO God is, WHAT God has already done, and WHAT God is well able to do.
Denise states, "As a result of remembering When God Showed Up for you, I hope that you will begin to give him praise, to let him know how much you appreciate him, and how much you love him. In the end, I hope that your faith is increased and you can rely totally on God to handle the present situations and challenges in your life."
A Snippet...
"During the impact, I continued to hear the sound of breaking glass and crushing metal, and then suddenly everything went silent. No noise. No movement.  Surely, I’m dead, I thought. And then there was this bright light that appeared in the silence. As I got closer to the light, it got brighter and brighter. It was as though I was in a dream. It didn’t seem real. I was in another place that I cannot describe. I could not see or feel my body, but I knew that I was awake, but where I didn’t know. It was a peaceful feeling. As the light got closer and brighter, I saw the face of my deceased brother, Rickey. However, I felt like I was talking to my brother whose car I was driving telling him over and over again, “I don’t believe this is happening to me.” I was dying, but I was not ready to die. I couldn’t believe it. I was in shock. Was I on my way to heaven? I sure would like to think so."
Remember When God Showed Up for You?

Whatever you are dealing with right now, I encourage you to remember that God is able to see you through. The situation is not bigger nor greater than God. Ask God to help you, to give you peace, and confidence in knowing that you can and will make it through. Remember when God worked out other situations for you. Be encouraged. 

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I Remember...When God Showed Up 
A Journey of Faith
Author: Denise E. King

Denise King Speaks As Keynote For FMMUG Annual Conference

FMMUG (Facilities Management Maximo Users Group) is excited to have Denise E. King giving our keynote talk at our Annual Meeting in New Orleans.  Denise King is an accomplished change leader, project manager, and professional trainer with nearly 30 years experience in the IT industry. Denise is the founder and CEO of Business Solutions Consulting, a change management consulting and professional training company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Denise partners with corporate leaders in various industries, including Healthcare/Pharmaceutical, Consumer Packaged Goods, and Disaster Recovery. Denise is recognized as a rare talent when it comes to driving organizational change initiatives and delivering training solutions to support critical business changes.

Prior to starting Business Solutions Consulting, Denise was the Professional Services & Senior Account Executive for SYNAVANT, Inc., the pioneer in Sales Force Automation (SFA) and Client Relationship Management (CRM) systems. During her 17-year tenure, she was responsible for leading technical project teams through the entire project lifecycle and managing the operational support teams - training, call center, asset management, account management, and database support efforts.  Denise is also a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), speaker, writer, and community volunteer.

Denise King is Guest Speaker at NHBC of Memphis

New Hope Baptist Church of Memphis welcomes Denise King as their guest speaker. Ms. King will share her new book, I Remember..."When God Showed Up: A Journey of Faith as well as minister the Word of God.  Ms. King will be available immediately following the service to personally sign her book.

NHBC is lead by Senior Pastor, Dr. Robert J. Matthews and First Lady Georgia Matthews.

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